$54K in prizes, including $15K to the Bracket champ. New life EVERY round with our round-by-round pick'em. It'll be the most fun you've ever had watching college hoops.


SZNs ("seasons") are like your local bar league or office pool that got huge. Simple competitions, big prizes, high social value. Every SZN includes:

  • 🏆 Multiple competitions, all easy to play
  • 💰 Big prizes ($100K to our NFL Survivor champ!)
  • 😂 Hilarious content every week
  • 🍻 The best community on the planet

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2023 MARCH MADNESS SZN details

You get ALL of this for the price of one Bud Light Lime at a game:

  • Three competitions, with five ways to win
  • $54K in prizes, with 400+ people getting paid
  • The best Bracket format - Fibonacci scoring plus 1st place ties broken by upset picking prowess
  • March Madness Survivor - Do you play it safe or go bold in the fist round?!
  • Commish's famous emails that keep you laughing
  • Get featured by submitting pick comments


THE Bracket

$33K prizes · Mar. 16 · Bracket format

The world's most famous competition format - the March Madness bracket. Our wrinkles - Fibonacci scoring and 1st place ties broken by upset picking prowess - make our Bracket the best.

Dance Survivor

$11K prizes · Mar. 16 · Survivor format

Last year only ONE person survived to win a Final Four game. You can only pick each team once so don't burn all the high seeds too early!

The Mookie Pick'em

$9K prizes · Mar. 16 · Pick'em format

Let's be real - 90%+ of us have a busted bracket after two days. The Mookie Pick'em, where you just pick winners each round, keeps you in the game all tourney long.

Join us and have more fun than you've ever had watching hoops (and yeah, maybe win big money while you're at it)