Our most requested SZN has arrived. We built four competition formats JUST for college football. $40,000 in prizes, with 430 places paid.


SZNs ("seasons") are like your local bar league or office pool that got huge. Simple competitions, big prizes, high social value. Every SZN includes:

  • 🏆 Multiple competitions, all easy to play
  • 💰 Big prizes ($100K to our NFL Survivor champ!)
  • 😂 Hilarious content every week
  • 🍻 The best community on the planet

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2022 CFB SZN details

You get ALL of this for the price of one Bud Light Lime at a game:

  • Four competitions, with prizes EVERY week
  • College-native formats not seen anywhere else
  • $40K in prizes, with 400 people getting paid
  • No-bad-teams Survivor - Will it be easier or harder than NFL?
  • Rankings & Rivalries Pick'em - Pick the most fun games every week
  • Commish's famous emails that keep you laughing
  • Get featured by submitting pick comments


Trampled Trombone Survivor

$24K prizes · Sep. 24 · Survivor format

No cupcakes allowed. Is college survivor easier or harder than NFL? Champ gets $10K

Rankings & Rivalries Pick'em

$9K prizes · Sep. 24 · Pick'em format

The best games: Every matchup of two ranked teams OR a storied rivalry game

Blue Turf Rank & Bank

$4K prizes · Sep. 24 · Forecast format

Predict the final top 10 ranking heading into Week 4. Bonus round before Wk 8!

Jungle Juice Bowl Pick'em

$4K prizes · Dec. 16 · Pick'em format

Pick the bowls between good teams! Don't drink what's in the bowl!

Join us and have more fun than you've ever had watching college football (and yeah, maybe win a bunch of money while you're at it)