Root hard for the two golfers you pick each week. Incredibly easy to play. It'll be the most fun you've ever had watching golf.


SZNs ("seasons") are like your local bar league or office pool that got huge. Simple competitions, big prizes, high social value. Every SZN includes:

  • 🏆 Multiple competitions, all easy to play
  • 💰 Big prizes ($100K to our NFL Survivor champ!)
  • 😂 Hilarious content every week
  • 🍻 The best community on the planet

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2023 Golf SZN details

You get ALL of this for the price of one Bud Light Lime at a game:

  • Three competitions, with chances to win EVERY week
  • $35K in prizes, with 400+ people getting paid
  • YEYPO One & Done - Golf's perfect format. Pick one golfer per week & get his prize money. Can't use the same guy twice. $5K to the champ
  • Roster competition for every major - Just pick 8 guys. Most prize money wins $1,000 in every major.
  • Cuts made survivor - Again, just pick one guy each week. Must make the cut to survive. Last person standing wins $1,000!
  • Commish's famous emails that keep you laughing
  • Get featured by submitting pick comments


YEYPO One & Done

$21K prizes · Jan. 19 · OAD format

THE golf format: Pick one golfer each week. Get his prize money. Can't use the same guy twice. $7K to the champ!

The Brooksies (Majors Pick 8)

$12K prizes · Apr. 6 · Roster format

Pick your roster of 8 guys. Most prize money wins $1,000 in each major. Simple concept, big strategy!

Big John Survivor

$2.4K prizes · Jan. 19 · Survivor format

Just make the cut! Pick one guy each week. Can't use the same guy twice. Most consecutive cuts made wins $1,000

Join us and have more fun than you've ever had watching golf (and yeah, maybe win $100K while you're at it)