World Cup SZN

Our signature pick'em: Pick the two countries to survive each group. Then go round by round during Knockout play. $24K in prizes. Make your holidays more fun!


SZNs ("seasons") are like your local bar league or office pool that got huge. Simple competitions, big prizes, high social value. Every SZN includes:

  • 🏆 Multiple competitions, all easy to play
  • 💰 Big prizes ($100K to our NFL Survivor champ!)
  • 😂 Hilarious content every week
  • 🍻 The best community on the planet

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2023 World Cup SZN details

You get ALL of this for the price of one Bud Light Lime at a game:

  • Three competitions, with never-before-seen formats
  • $24K in prizes, with 240 people getting paid
  • Both Group and Knockout stage competition formats
  • Commish's famous emails that keep you laughing
  • Get featured by submitting pick comments


The Pickles Pick'em

$14K prizes · Nov. 20 · Pick'em format

Pick the countries to survive each group, then each knockout round as it happens

Old Man Buffon Survivor

$5K prizes · Nov. 20 · Survivor format

Can you survive picks in EVERY group matchday while saving teams for knockout rounds?

Pelé Processional Bracket

$6K prizes · Dec. 3 · Bracket format

Classic Bracket! March Madness before Christmas for soccer fans

Join us and have more fun than you've ever had watching soccer (and yeah, maybe win a bunch of cash while you're at it)