The world's
best NFL
survivor pool

Welcome to the most fun you'll ever have watching sports. $40,000 is on the line, sure, but you really want to beat your friends.

Remember when Beast Mode steamrolled, like, 10 guys during the same run? Over and over... and over and over?

That’s what BFIG does to all other sports competitions. And you can be a part of it.

It’s so simple your grandma could play

You pick one team, each week, to win its game. Win, and you move on; last person standing wins. The key is you can only pick each team once. (And, really. You should invite your grandma.)

You’ll love squaring off against friends

You’ll know who your friends are picking. Whether you root for their pick, or pull every ridiculous (but so, so valid) superstition out of the book to aid their team losing, it’s a blast to vie for bragging rights.

The community comments are hilarious

Each week, you get asked a simple question: “Why did you pick this team?” You’ll quickly learn that there are a comical number of ways you can answer that quesion. Weekly emails highlight the best.

Every week, you can win awards

These awards have history. Prestige. Honor. From the Moxie award (gutsiest pick) to the “Definitely Not Concussed” award (taught us something new), you’ll have fun just being a part of it all.

You’ll be part of something truly unique

Check out the BFIG history page. Talk to your friends about it. Then would you join us already?!

Still have questions? Check out the BFIG rules and FAQ.