Season (n): A recurrent period, often in a sport or tv show.

The SZN (n): A utopia where friends, competitions, sports, reality tv, Bud Light Lime jokes, and Brett Favre-costumed rainbow ponies all converge.

Competitions both you and Grandma will love

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Our competitions have two rules: 1) Be WAY easier than fantasy football, and 2) Be WAY more fun. Our annual NFL survivor pool is the world’s greatest sports competition. Game over. Kobe jaw. We apply the same model to March Madness, The Bachelor, golf, and Iron Chef. Play with your coworkers, your family, or all 25 of Antonio Cromartie’s children.

Content that's just f***ing fun

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After watching an intense, last-second sports triumph, do you recall it by saying “On the game’s most critical play...”? NO, you don’t. You say, “I was in my lucky headstand position, seven Bud Light Limes deep and humming zen offerings to the football gods...” Sports and TV are fun. What you read here is equally fun.

Your friendships will get better. Real talk.

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Debating, trash talking, chest bumping, armchair quarterbacking, bragging rights... Everything we do here is built around you and your friends. We’ve saved friendships. We've been in wedding speeches. You think we’re kidding.