How BFIG Survivor works

  • Pick a team to win each week.
  • Can't pick the same team twice.
  • Last person standing wins $100K.
  • That's it.

It’s so simple your grandma could play. Our 2017 champ is a grandma. We're not kidding.

👀 The SZN is more fun than fantasy. And way faster.

You see how short that BFIG section is? Try fitting fantasy football rules into that space.

🏆 You'll play in multiple competitions

Every SZN has several competitions. All as easy as BFIG. When you join us, you'll have something on the line every week.

🍻 Your friendships and work relationships will get better

"Who are you picking for BFIG?" will become a common text message between friends and coworkers. Every Sunday will see a flurry of thrilling survivals and crushing defeats. You wouldn't believe how many people tell us their Monday morning work meetings start with recapping how everyone did on The SZN that weekend.

😂 You'll laugh at the content

"Commish" has been writing "PICKS" and "Weekly Recap" emails for 13 years. The emails are why The SZN got huge. They're wacky. They're unique. They'll get you through your workweeks.

💰 And yeah, you can buy a LOT of Bud Light Lime if you win

Someone's gotta win every competition. The 2021 NFL SZN has $240K to pay out. And yeah, we drink Bud Light Lime here. Don't @ us.

Come be part of the best football community on the planet: