Most "About Us" pages suck.
You deserve better.

We celebrate fun like Andy Reid celebrates untimed downs

The SZN is a community 100% focused on making sports (ok, and The Bachelor) more fun. We offer content and competitions that amplify what makes fandom so intoxicating - rooting for a team (or person) to win, and sharing that experience with friends.

We improve friendships like Gronk improves cruises

Cheering with your friends is fun. Cheering against your friends is fun. Battling friends in competition is fun. We hold these truths to be self-evident, and The SZN's entire experience is designed around making your friendships more fun.

We're just two dudes not spawned by Antonio Cromartie

Peter ("The Commish") started The SZN because, after his college sportswriting career ended, he wanted a way to continue writing and following sports despite his job being very non-sports. Then, The SZN became his job. Oops. Kyle ("The GM") was a five-star Caltech recruit, which means wildly different things depending on who you ask. He claims to have hands like Andre Johnson, and lost his most recent flag football game, 6-0.