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Week 6, 2015 PICKS: “I used ‘Seahawks game and chill?’ as my Tinder pickup line”...

Crying Russell Wilson image

10. Rishi Khanna (Jets): I'm a Giants fan... and I'm putting my faith on the Jets. This is akin to giving your neighbor - the one who leaves his lawnmower running all the time and regularly backs his car over toys that could have been children - a handle of Jack and asking him to babysit your kids for the weekend while you and the wife watch from your bedroom window. Was it Kierkegaard or Dick Van Patten who said, "F*** IT, WE'LL DO IT LIVE!"?

9. Casey Reimers (Seahawks): I figured Tinder could accurately predict my team’s fate, so I used “Seahawks game and chill?” as my Tinder pickup line. These are some of the responses the Seahawks got. Keep noted: I'm in Northern CA, where everyone is 49ers fans. 1: "Seahawks game and die of loneliness?" ... read more >>

Week 10, 2013 RECAP: We just witnessed the greatest display of Moxie in football human history

The 'Thurlow Game' image

Brothers and Sisters of the White Laces,

Ryan Thurlow was a man, then by picking the 2013 Jacksonville Jaguars he became a myth.

The previously 0-8 Jaguars won, and now he's a legend, forever immortalized in the BFIG Hall of Fame.

Robby Wellington summed up our collective sentiment best: “Can you please provide me with Ryan Thurlow's mailing address? I want to send that motherf***er a fruit basket... read more >>

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