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Welcome to the most ridiculous, most fun, most #LOVE Bachelor competition on the planet.
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Part 1: The #LOVE Forecast

Every week, we take what The Bachelor gives us (which is a WHOLE lot), and turn it into a 5-10 question #LOVE Forecast. It's ridiculous. It's awesome.

The first few questions from Nick's season, episode 2:

Look at this picture... I mean, just LOOK AT IT. How can you not play in something making fun of this?!

Part 2: Rose Predictions

We don't want to wait until the final four. We want to get excited every week. So we predict every damn week.

Think about it: If you only predicted the final four, you didn't get to predict when Chad got the boot.

(And that was the only fun thing about Jojo's season. #realtalk.)

A Bachelor competition without Chad isn't a Bachelor competition at all

Part 3: The best episode recaps

Nick's season, ep. 1: Dolphin Girl is everything & nothing else matters

Episode 1 was all about DOLPHIN GIRL, because she is everything

It all started when Commish's high school classmate went on The Bachelorette

The 'Thurlow Game' image

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