The world's
best NFL
survivor pool

Welcome to the most fun you'll ever have watching sports. If you thought you could never be a legend, you were wrong.

You pick one team to win each week. That's it. The Saints defenders are "shit that's complicated and takes too long," and BFIG is Beast Mode. Mmhmmmm:

You can't pick the same team twice. That's where the strategy - and banter with your friends - comes in. Last person standing wins $50,000.

It’s so simple your grandma could play

You know how we used absurdly giant font in the blue section above? Yup. Try fitting fantasy football rules into that space. (Btw, you should really invite your grandma. She'll love it.)

The entire thing is built to have fun with friends

"Know who you're picking yet for BFIG?" will become you and your friends' favorite question, and "You picked WHO?!" will become your favorite trash talk line. Managers thank us for saving their Monday morning team meetings. Real talk.

You're gonna laugh at the content

Each week, you get asked a simple question: “Why did you pick this team?” You’ll quickly learn that there are a comical number of ways you can answer that question, and Commish's weekly emails will keep you laughing every week.

And yeah, you can buy a LOT of Bud Light Lime with $50K

Someone's gotta win. And yeah, we drink Bud Light Lime here. Did you know they make a Bud Light Lime deck chair? DID YOU?

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