YOU: Can I just play in a bunch of SZNs and you give me a discount bc I'm cool?
US: Actually YES.


SZNs ("seasons") are like your local bar league or office pool that got huge. Simple competitions, big prizes, high social value. Every SZN includes:

  • 🏆 Multiple competitions, all easy to play
  • 💰 Big prizes ($100K to our NFL Survivor champ!)
  • 😂 Hilarious content every week
  • 🍻 The best community on the planet

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  • FOUR SZN credits to use on any of our 10 SZNs
  • 25% off additional SZNs beyond those 4 ($14.99)
  • Customizable badge that shows on your comments and profile
  • SZN Cup eligibility - overall picker of the year
  • "Red Phone" to Team SZN for issues & ideas
  • Invites to SZN+ events with Commish & GM like NFL watch parties
  • More action. More laughter. More fun.

Some of the 2022-23 SZN competitions you could play in:

BFIG Survivor

$172K prizes · Sep. 11 · Survivor format

NFL SZN: Our flagship competition. Just pick one team to win each week. $100K to the champ!

Rankings & Rivalries Pick'em

$16K prizes · Sep. 24 · Pick'em format

College Football SZN: Pick the best games each week, between two ranked teams OR storied rivals

Walking Bucket Wilt OAD

$22K prizes · Oct. 28 · One & Done format

NBA SZN:: Pick one player each week. Get his points. Can't use the same guy twice!

Pelé Processional Bracket

$6K prizes · Dec. 3 · Bracket format

World Cup SZN:: Classic bracket for the final 16! It's March Madness before Christmas

Join us and have more fun than you've ever had watching sports (and yeah, maybe win $100K while you're at it)