BFIG 2009 Season Recap: A Legendary Tradition is Born

by TheCommish

Leon Hall - BFIG's first legend

We knew the OG 46 were pioneers, but we didn't know they'd be THIS good at survival...

When Commish made the inaugural call, 46 fearless souls - mostly friends, family, and co-workers - climbed aboard. The very last of the 46 was Commish's roommate, Joshua Masayoshi Huff. While Josh's reluctance was perhaps a reflection of BFIG's laughably bootstrapped initial state, his perfect season paved the way for a sports community steeped in unrivaled lore and swagger.

For The Commish, 2009 was a year of firsts. A tried-and-true Packers' die-hard, 2009 was the first year in which Brett Favre was the enemy. 2009 was his first post-collegiate NFL season, and thus his first time confronting "Hey, where should we watch the game?" as a legitimate question.

And perhaps because he was no longer allowed to be a sportswriter for the Daily Trojan, 2009 became the inaugural season of THE NFL (Brett Favre Isn't Gonna) Survivor Pool.

Week 1 immediately gave the pool its first legend - The Curse of Leon Hall - after Hall's fateful tip gave Denver one of the most undeserved victories in NFL history.

The Curse wasn't followed by many more crushing defeats, however, as a full third of the pool was still standing at Week 10.

Naturally, the once-latent Huff (not to be confused with the former Oregon receiver) blazed through all 17 weeks without a single loss. After his Redskins eeked out a two-point victory in Week 2, he went an amazing 12 straight weeks without a game closer than seven points. When Tyler Hannasch and Joe Turner's Week 17 pick (the Denver Broncos) got blown out at home, the title belt belonged to Josh.

It was a perfect season. And a perfect coronation for the world's best survival pool.

Season Ending Fast Facts

  • Both the championship pool and the second-chance pool ended by the winner picking Tennessee and the loser(s) picking Denver.
  • Fittingly for this pool, the final knock-out was an AFC-AFC game. In total we had 45 knock-outs - only 3 were NFC-NFC, and only 18 overall losers were NFC teams.
  • Our overall season winning percentage was 77.5% (counting unique picks only). We picked 69 winners and 20 losers.
  • Our favorite division was the NFC North, as we used a combined 60 picks on the Vikings, Packers and Bears. The AFC North was next with 54 picks, and the NFC East third with 53 picks.
  • We picked all 4 teams from the AFC South (Indy, Tennessee, Houston, Jacksonville), NFC East (Philly, NY Giants, Dallas, Washington) and AFC East (New England, NY Jets, Miami and Buffalo).
  • We picked 3 of the 4 teams from the NFC North, NFC South, NFC West and AFC North.
  • Only the AFC West was limited to 2 teams. The Chiefs, however, were picked in the 2nd-chance pool, and the Raiders did a good deal of destruction in the championship pool.

Season Awards

The Survival Slaughter Award: Josh Huff

He won the overall margin of victory title, with a +288 on the year.

The Survival Surrender Award: Jody Smith

He won the (no) margin of victory title, with a -6 on the year. (Hey, it's always good to win something, right?)

Dude, That's Not Cool Award: Bryan Drever

He picked the Bengals to win Week 1 - yes, the game with the tipped pass caught by the Broncos' Brandon Stokley for an 80-something-yard touchdown on the final play

Dude, How Are You Still Alive? Award: Kevin Graves

He won 9 games by 10 points or less before going down with the Colts and their perfect season in Week 16.

Biggest Blowout Award: Parvin Parineh

She picked New England in the biggest blowout since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. This was the last game before Tennessee remembered how to win.

Gutsiest Win Award: Mark Simones

He picked the Bears to beat the Steelers in Week 2, when all of us still regarded Pittsburgh as a Super Bowl contender. Even now it'd still earn a Moxie Award.

Best Survival Team: Seattle Seahawks

You might think Minnesota here, as the Vikings were picked 6 times in the championship pool, winning all 6 times. But the Seahawks were picked to win twice and also picked to lose 6 times. On all 8 occasions, the 'Hawks did just what we wanted them to.

Worst Survival Team: Denver Broncos

Denver was picked 3 times in the championship pool and lost all 3 times. For good measure, they were also picked - and lost - in the final week of the 2nd chance pool.

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