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2017 Season Recap: They'll win at some point... right?

by @TheCommish 🏈  NFL Free ⚡

The 2017 Browns season - and 2017 NFL Survivor season - in one photo (ENABLE YOUR IMAGES, YO!)

25-0 could never be done in BFIG, right? All but seven teams? Two per week from Week 10 on? What do you think, Deshone?

Deshone: "LET'S GET BROWNSY!!!"

At some point, BFIG will stop being about the Cleveland Browns. But when the best survivor strategy ever conceived has been "yo who the Browns playing?" for two years running, the storyline writes itself.

The brownsiest of brownsy Browns storylines...

The Pickoff that determined our 2017 champ (ENABLE YOUR IMAGES, YO!)

A year after accounting for 27 percent of all correct BFIG picks - a record that might never be broken - the Browns produced another 3,441 correct picks by losing every single damn game in which they played.

Played? Sorry. Appeared. That's better.

Normally, such futility would produce startingly high success rates in survivor pools (see: 2016), but non-Browns predictability went the way of Aaron Rodgers' collarbone.

By Week 6, just 7 percent of BFIG's 6,250 entrants were still alive. The Josh McJets weren't so bad. The Falcons underwhelmed. The Steelers Steelers'd. And the ELI FACE, well... did you seriously pick Eli Manning in a survivor pool?

Given that Commish had moved BFIG to two picks per week starting in Week 10 (again, see: 2016), we were tracking for a Week 12 finish.

But, you know, Browns.

In weeks 15 through 17, making picks 20 through 25, BFIG's steely survivors went a combined 22-4 riding the likes of the Colts (4-12), Bears (5-11), and Broncos (5-11).

Three title belt combatants ran the gauntlet, including @footballnovice, who somehow saved the Patriots until pick No. 25.

For the fifth time in nine seasons, the Belt would come down to a pickoff. @Rwhoven and @mbuzz93 went chalk in Wildcard Weekend, while @footballnovice picked the underdog Falcons on the road at the overachieving Rams.

A Falcons win meant our first female champ. A Rams win meant we'd run it back in the Divisional Round.

Julio Jones and the Falcons win the BFIG Title Belt for @footballnovice (ENABLE YOUR IMAGES, YO!)

Thanks to a Falcons victory, @footballnovice took home amateur prognostication's greatest prize.

And while many football experts have tasted BFIG glory, first-ever survivor pool entrant @footballnovice's historic title belt run proved once and for all that BFIG is not only the greatest, but also the most democratic competition The Favre God hath ever created.

BFIG X - our 10th season! - kicks off in September. Join the 2018 NFL SZN now to ensure your spot in the greatest football competitions on the planet.